Customer Journey Mapping: The Secret to Understanding Your Customers

Sep 07, 2023 / by admin / in: Blog


Customer journey mapping, also known as user journey mapping, is a visual representation or diagram that outlines the steps and interactions a user or customer goes through when engaging with a product, service, or organization. It is a valuable tool in digital marketing, user experience (UX) design, and customer service because it helps teams better […]

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Unveiling the Power of Advertising Appeals in Captivating Audiences In Pharma and Healthcare

Jul 03, 2023 / by admin / in: Blog


One powerful approach that holds immense potential is the utilization of advertising appeals.

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Key Advices For Effective HCP Digital Engagement in the UK

Apr 03, 2023 / by admin / in: Blog


Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are the backbone of the healthcare ecosystem in the UK. They play a crucial role in promoting better health outcomes for patients, and their insights and feedback can be invaluable in developing effective healthcare policies and strategies. Given the significance of their role, it is essential to engage with HCPs regularly and […]

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How AlMokhtabar Could Reach Out To People In Covid-19

Jun 01, 2020 / by admin / in: Blog


If you were itching to go out during the Corona outbreak, you have probably noticed almost everybody walking in the street with their face masks like it is the end of the world. You might also have come across a video of a woman screaming for help due to the maltreatment and panic from her […]

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