Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

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, Digital Marketing Trends in 2018
Digital Marketing technology is continuously growing. Every year new trends appear in the market aiming to engage better with customers and create better visualization about how their life will look like with a particular product or service. Now we’re going to discuss some of those
trends and how they can help businesses take the world by storm.
Interactive Content
Interactive content is a better way to deliver a message by creating a content that requires engagement rather than just reading or watching.
Examples of interactive content are:
o Assessments, where the customers answer some questions then they get results
customized based on their answers.
o Quizzes to test their knowledge about a particular topic.
o Transforming videos into an interactive conversation where the audience has to take
actions during the video to get results then continue watching.
The chatbot is a program that conducts artificial conversations using text or voice. It can be
used to answer FAQ’s, place orders or getting in touch with customer service.
If chatbots are implemented properly, they will save time and solve various tasks. It’s believed
that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human.
The usage of smartphones continues to grow day after day. Smartphones are changing
advertising and marketing. People use smartphones to check on their bank account, their
health status, education, job-hunting.
90% of Twitter video views and 60% of YouTube views are now from users on mobile devices.
This means that creating a mobile-friendly content should always be into consideration.
Understanding the behavior of the consumers while using their smartphones is now crucial for
marketing campaigns.
Videos are known to be the most engaging type of content on social media compared to images
and texts. Now there are a variety of awesome ways to create videos that will catch consumers
attention like, 360-degree videos, live streams, GIFs, animations and explanation videos. The
majority of consumers watch videos in silent mode.
Marketing is shifting its attention from big-name influencers to micro-influencers to drive social
buzz, those are influencers that have 30K followers or less.
The advantage of micro-influencers is that they invest in their niche topic or interest,
considered as a trusted source of recommendations and are looked at as peers; thus, laying out
a foundation of trust.
While influencers marketing is cost-effective, micro-influencers are known to deliver 60%
higher campaign engagement rates than big-name influencers.
Social Media Stories
Social media stories have been introduced for the first time by Snapchat in 2013, then have
been implemented across the social media platforms.
Social networks that present the stories are the most popular among teens.
Interactive stories became the best opportunity for brands to engage with their audience. For
instance, companies that lead the media got a unique exposure via the discovery section. This
got more and more brands to be more active on Snapchat stories.
The rise of the Virtual Reality
Virtual reality Involves using holograms to implement a real world around a character or aproduct. This helps digital marketing in various ways to Improving consumers’ engagement so that they will have a better model of the product in the real life and predict the outcome
For instance, in the medical industry, a migraine medication company (Excedrin) implemented the VR to help people understand how migraine sufferers feel.
This Marketing tool is still in the early stages, which makes it a good opportunity for business to stand out in the crowd.
The Key to an effective digital marketing strategy is to keep up-to-date with the new technologies and be proactive about formulating new marketing strategies based on the new trends.
What are Digital Marketing Trends you think will evolve in 2018?
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