The Best Digital Agency for Pharmaceutical Companies

Jan 19, 2020 / by admin / in: Blog


In the past, the ways you’d market pharmaceutical products were limited and costly. There were many missed opportunities and bad reputations. It would take a little while for patients and doctors to know the latest products and treatments. Nowadays, marketing pharmaceutical products couldn’t be easier. Since the internet has made it easier to connect with […]

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How Mobile Applications Help Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sectors Reach Their Target

Jan 14, 2020 / by admin / in: Blog


Mobile apps are one of the digital marketing services that help businesses provide services to users in a manner that is faster, more accessible and time-saving. Having a Mobile app enables a business to send push notifications about what’s new about the services like the seasonal offers and deals, how to use the service or […]

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Social Media Secret tips used by skincare brands to stand out

Jan 08, 2020 / by admin / in: Blog


Skincare products were never more in demand. From anti-Aging Serums to best eye creams and face peels, there is more variety than ever to care for skin and make it look more youthful and maintain its health. Each product fits a certain age group and certain people according to their circumstances. So how those skincare […]

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The Effect of Social Media Marketing on Health Awareness Campaigns

Dec 29, 2019 / by admin / in: Blog


Many diseases have related health awareness campaigns to educate people about them and their impact. Years ago, awareness campaigns would require people to plan events and spend many resources where they could meet other people in person to talk to them. In the social media era, it’s got way more different. It’s just a click […]

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Digital Marketing Approaches in 2020

Dec 22, 2019 / by admin / in: Blog


When every new year is just around the corner, new techniques and strategies to impress the audience appear. The ways some applications rise so fast isn’t done off the cuff. Certain elements in digital marketing help a website, application or a social account to rise so fast. Here we share some of the elements that […]

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4 Digital Marketing Strategies Used in the Pharma Industry

Dec 15, 2019 / by admin / in: Blog

Whether it’s through mobile phone apps, social media marketing or SEO, many pharmaceutical companies seem to have embraced the digital transformation and being more creative about showing up to people. In order to market their products to either cure patients or alleviate the symptoms, there must be extraordinary solutions to stand out in the crowd. […]

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How Retail Marketers Used Social Media Marketing to Their Advantage

Dec 09, 2019 / by admin / in: Blog


The sale of goods and services from businesses to an end-user goes through a huge process with many steps. To do that, retailers, need to spread awareness of their goods and make customers interested and generate sales. Digital marketing and social media marketing have cut short this process and made it faster. Still, it isn’t […]

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Top 3 Mobile Apps That Have Nailed It and How They Did It

Dec 01, 2019 / by admin / in: Blog


As technology evolves, more ideas come to the world and more solutions to frequent problems appear. Here are a few mobile applications that have changed the world. Uber An American multinational ride-sharing company. It gives the opportunity for people to earn money while they ride. Also, it helps others to find a ride in every […]

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5 Ways Brands Advertise Their Products Online

Nov 18, 2019 / by admin / in: Blog

Do you wonder how known brands get high engagement and many followers? Along with people’s personal experience with the product, there is a lot they do online that keeps that brand on top of their mind. Here are a few examples. Facebook And Instagram Ads I miss those days when I’d post something on social […]

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