How Digital Transformation Has Changed The Way Brands Work

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, How Digital Transformation Has Changed The Way Brands Work

Now that the number of coronavirus cases and deaths is on the increase, the vast majority of people have shut down their businesses or stay at home; digital transformation has become inevitable. Here is what you need to know about digital transformation and how it can help businesses in a time of crisis.

What’s Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the use of new, fast and constantly changing digital technology to solve problems. It’s changing the way all areas of a business operate to deliver value to customers through the integration of digital technology. An example of this, using artificial intelligence into the services of an organization; like the chatbots used to welcome web users and answer simple questions until they connect them to an agent.

Digital transformation aims to improve the customer’s experience so that your business will stand out compared to the competitors.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has high-level benefits that include:

Digitalization of Business Operations – which has made everything way faster, and helped in easier communication, reducing the need for paperwork.

Greater Resource Management – pre-planning, scheduling and allocating resources will be at maximum efficiency. Storage and reaching of data are more flexible.

Employee Empowerment – it helps employees with autonomy and responsibility for decision-making regarding specific tasks.

Better Customer Experience – around 50% of the customers would rather text than call an organization to inquire about something. The better the experience the customers see the more likely they recommend your brand to others.

Globalization – businesses, and organizations develop international influence to start operating on an international scale.

Easier collaboration across departments – sending a request or providing the information is only one click of a button away.

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Examples of The Digital Transformation of Some Operations

Postal mail – sending a commercial message to a group of people can now be done easily at the touch of a button via emails

Marketing – the weight on offline marketing has decreased and the focus has become more on Digital marketing. Almost every field in business has embraced working with a digital marketing agency.

Commerce – E-commerce websites have made it flexible and more accessible to customers to see their products, read reviews, know all the details before they purchase and check out without leaving their bedrooms.

Learning and Education – E-learning has swept the field of education and learning, where people are able to learn new skills to make a living without having to go to educational centers and the amount of free online courses is incredible.

Meetings – if you read this at the time of the coronavirus outbreak, you know how online meetings and webinars are indispensable now.

How Digital Marketing Has Transformed The Lives of Many Businesses

Digital marketing is one of the most noticeable examples of digital transformation. The world has become more dependent on the online world to connect to each other and deliver quality services.

Services in digital marketing vary. Examples for digital marketing services are PPC(pay-per-click), SEO (search engine optimization), SMM(social media marketing), website building, video production and much more. Check out real examples of how digital marketing has helped brands transform their audience into customers.

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