Importance of Digital Transformation

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, Importance of Digital Transformation

If your business is yet to embrace digital transformation, then it is time to do something about it. As the years have gone by, digital transformation has gone from a trend to an essential aspect for business success. Without it, businesses face the risk of falling behind the competition. Most importantly, it encompasses all aspects of the marketing funnel and uses technology and digital platforms to improve and personalize marketing methods.

This begins with the Awareness and Interest stages of the marketing funnel, where businesses want to introduce themselves to potential customers, create brand awareness, and build a relationship with prospective customers. Digital transformation allows businesses to use digital platforms and social media pages to promote their brand and engage with customers. Businesses can also use personalized marketing strategies to showcase their unique selling points and stand out from the competition. At Eureka Digital, we’ve helped clients like Intel Egypt (1.1 million+ fans, 500k+ likes), Corona Chocolate and Biscuits (Millions of impressions, 100,000+ engagements), Ahram Locks (2 million impressions and 100,000+ engagements in one month) and many others realize their true potential through managing their social media pages and helping improve their brand and connect with their clients.

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Digital Transformation also allows businesses to stay connected with their current clients, and promote brand loyalty, through innovative ways such as mobile apps. Mobile apps can be developed for a number of purposes, which allow customers to stay connected with a business or brand. At Eureka Digital, we’ve developed apps for several clients with different purposes, including WHO RSS team (with articles and downloadable documents, maps and events, charts and reports, a photo and video gallery, and SharePoint access), Nuxe Cosmetics (showcasing product range), Lenovo Augmented Reality (including multiple tracking points, video playing, product information, and interactive messages), among many others.

Finally, digital transformation can allow businesses to integrate analytics into their platforms to have a better understanding of consumer behavior. This allows businesses to find improvements to their digital platforms, through aspects such as a number of unique visitors, bounce rate, click-through rate…etc. Nowadays, there is a huge amount of information available for businesses to use, which can help revolutionize them. At Eureka Digital, we are Google Analytics and AdWords certified and can help businesses make the most of their digital platforms.

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In conclusion, one can notice how crucial it is for businesses to undergo a digital transformation in 2018 with all the benefits it reaps. Creating brand awareness, improving brand loyalty, engaging with customers, and utilizing data analytics are just a few of the countless benefits digital transformation can provide. Eureka Digital offers services such as social media marketing, web design and development, mobile app development and augmented reality apps, google advertising, and motion graphic videos, which can help kick-start your digital transformation. Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@eureka-digital.co.uk.

By Sherif Radwan / Business Development. / Eureka Digital


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