How Digital Marketing Has Changed the Life of Embarrassing Products

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, How Digital Marketing Has Changed the Life of Embarrassing Products

Many Digital marketers can find their way to attract customers to a product and making the best use of their campaigns. When it comes to marketing embarrassing products like condoms, lice shampoos, and arousal gels, or adult diapers, that’s a horse of a different color. Bringing conversions on websites of such products might seem like a pie in the sky, but only a team who’s got the hang of it could bring results.

There are many challenges that appear when marketing embarrassing products. People are less likely to purchase a product they’re not proud to own. For instance, customers are 25% less likely to purchase an embarrassing product that has a social sharing button next to it. Secondly, a very slight difference in a piece of content can make it either very appealing or very offensive, so, it’s a hit or mess.

Though, getting customers to finally hit the purchase button can be done by setting a long-term strategy that skyrockets the conversion rates. This can be done by collaborating with a creative team. See how to find the right digital marketing agency for your business

To paint you a picture of how that might look like, let’s have a look on one field of digital marketing, social media. Here are some of the stunning social media campaigns that just hit it out of the park, and how social media marketing helped those products stand out in the crowd without hurting their business.


Benostan is an R&D company in the field of women’s health and gynecology. Some of their products are Verousa, an arousal gel for women, and Timouni, a vaginal tightening gel. It’s not that easy to market such products for women in the eastern culture, but when it comes to social media marketing, Benostan always pushes the envelope with their stunning visuals and videos, and their super creative campaigns.

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If you check their page “ده وقتها” You’ll notice how these campaigns are not done off the cuff. They knew how to align their marketing campaigns with their goals by creating a content that’s not only attractive but also gets people to take action.

This page has created a bunch of creative visuals that match every occasion and they keep the ball rolling.

, How Digital Marketing Has Changed the Life of Embarrassing Products

, How Digital Marketing Has Changed the Life of Embarrassing Products

Here is another short video that just killed it.

In a nutshell, the marketing process of embarrassing products isn’t an easy game. It’s full of challenges and only old pros can do it right.

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