Why and How to Choose your digital marketing agency?

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, Why and How to Choose your digital marketing agency?

No matter what the industry is, every large company has been through these tough moments, when their audience were dropping like flies. These are times when they need strong strategies to stand back on their feet.

Hiring the right digital marketing agency will declutter the mess and does most of the work.

Here are some reasons why every company should hire a digital marketing agency.

Take the Load Off

Digital marketers have a comprehensive list of resources to make any business stand out. These methods take a long time to understand if this is not the core industry of the company.

Big companies need large-scale campaigns. This makes it tricky to select the right techniques, frequency and timing, choosing the right audience and so on.

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Less Costly

When dealing with a digital marketing agency, you’ll get surprised at how reasonable it is compared to hiring full-time employees. Hiring employees require benefits, health care costs and salaries.

Some tools (such as design, animation, movie making apps) needed to create campaigns require one-time payment or subscriptions, and you won’t need them forever.

Digital marketing agencies have the tools needed to create campaigns to do the job without throwing money down the drain.

Counting on Experts

A little mistake can lead to a bad reputation and a lost opportunity. Digital marketing specialists know it inside out. They have been through all the possible mistakes in a narrow field.

So, every business needs a skillful team to do the job and eliminate the cost of mistakes.

For instance, dealing with social media crisis – a problem that every brand is prone to – needs someone professional to handle it, as not every crisis has the same response.

Digital agencies have flowcharts of who to contact in every scenario and recommend the right decision for every type of crisis. They have the analysis of where your traffic will go.

Digital marketing teams hired by agencies have a full understanding of online marketing techniques including defining KPIs, metrics, analysis, SEO strategies, content strategies, measurable results, creating unique ads, and will start with your campaign at the drop of a hat.

Keeping in Touch with Your Industry

Hiring a masterful team is effective at identifying your competitors, research your target audience and understands their behavior.

Big companies also need to be aware of the latest in the digital world. For instance, the rise of the AR and VR in advertising, using the interactive content, Chatbots are all trends in 2018. More trends appear every year.

Choosing the Right Agency

When choosing an agency, you need to focus on those who offer a value rather than the time.

How professional they are! You should investigate well before selecting which agency to work with, not only to check their website and portfolio but also to ask them for case studies, a previous success they achieved with their previous clients. It’d be perfect if you can contact some of their previous clients to validate.

Determine the limitations and specifications of the agency. Hiring a specified agency in your industry is a good idea. For example, if your industry is pharmaceutical, there are plenty of good digital marketing agencies out there, but only a few of them have a masterful medical team.

Ask the Right Questions to Avoid Over-Expectations and Misunderstanding.

To determine if this is the best marketing agency for your industry make sure to ask the right questions. An example of these questions can be:

What are the services they offer? (some digital marketing agencies don’t provide integrated campaigns they may only provide social media marketing)

How do they select proper KPIs?

What ROI to expect?

Portfolio and success stories.


Every business needs to hire experts rather than being the jack of all trades. This will give them the opportunity to focus on the business priorities and gain an unbiased perspective on things.

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By Abeer Mostafa

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