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Whilst traditional marketing methods are not dead, social media marketing is becoming more essential for businesses due to it’s larger user volume and high user engagement. Facebook alone has over 2 billion active users, a significant proportion of the world’s population. Therefore, it’s obvious how essential it is for all businesses to have a social media presence, and to use it for marketing purposes.

This is becoming more apparent with pharmaceutical companies over the past few years, who are using social media marketing to promote over-the-counter drugs. Social media allows pharmaceutical companies to improve their brand awareness, and showcase their products, as more and more people are making their buying decisions online, and pharmaceutical companies are reaping the benefits.

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Not only does social media allow for increased brand awareness, but it also allows organizations to connect directly with customers, and answer any questions related to their products, such as price, where to find the product, ingredients…etc. This also allows pharmaceutical companies to gather relevant insights and problems that customers might have with their products. At Eureka Digital, we’ve launched and managed several pharmaceutical products Facebook pages, including Bronchicum Middle East, Maalox, Novaldol, Vitabiotics, Pantogar and several others.

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Pharmaceutical companies are also embracing technology in other ways, such as pharma-developed apps. These apps can be used in a number of different ways, depending on their purpose. An example of this is HOPE-C KSA mobile app, which was developed by ourselves at Eureka Digital. It was the first app developed in Saudi Arabia to help HCV patients in regimen compliance, as it works as a dose reminder, and can monitor patient compliance. Not only that, but patients can also send questions to HCP, get alarms for doctor visits and lab tests, and find helpful information regarding disease and complications. Finally, patients can also use GPS to locate their nearest hospital. This is just one example of how pharma-developed apps can provide several benefits, and highlights the positive impact of pharmaceutical companies embracing digital. To conclude, it’s noticeable how pharmaceutical companies are beginning to embrace digital, due to it’s benefits. Social media allows them to improve brand awareness and engage with customers, while pharma-developed apps can be used in a number of ways to benefit both the customer and the business.

By Sherif Radwan

Business Development

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