Instagram Lens For Brand Activation

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, Instagram Lens For Brand Activation

From reels to Instagram stories, people have posted and watched tons of content. Some of which are educational, some are entertaining, but the common thing is they are never-ending. One of the things that are getting attention these days is the trends where someone posts something funny then, everyone reposts the same idea their way.  But today we are talking about different kinds of trends that have been there for a while. It is called the Instagram AR effect.

They are Computer-generated effects that you can find tapping on your story, or the camera icon on the home screen layered over your real-life image displayed on the camera. What is so good about Instagram’s AR effects is that it is an effective way to get people to engage directly. What does that mean in the digital marketing world? Exactly! It is user-generated content. It allows brands to use it as digital activations.

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How Companies Can Use AR Effects for Brand Activations

Here is an example of how some brands use such types of effects for their products. QV used the AR effects present on Instagram to launch their new product – QV Hand Cream SPF 15 – in the Middle East creatively so that it won’t distract the users from having a fun and entertaining time on the platform. They have created the campaign “Grasp the sun” using the QV AR Instagram effect, where people picture themselves trying to grasp the sun or hold it in their hands.

, Instagram Lens For Brand Activation

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It might seem like some fun people would have while killing some time on IG, but there is a value behind it. The Middle East’s scorching sun is not on the ladies’ side, since the sunny weather can accelerate aging, darkens the skin, and cause sunburns to the skin. This product is indispensable for women in the Middle East due to the hot weather. The brand has pointed out the fact that the effect of sunlight on the skin can be under control if they use QV Hand Cream SPF15 daily.

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