7 Digital Marketing Trends for Pharma In 2021

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, 7 Digital Marketing Trends for Pharma In 2021

The year 2020 came with all the unexpected, as the spread of the Coronavirus changed the course of everything. People’s behavior has changed, so they work from home, and the use of the Internet has increased. Online purchases have never been higher. Also, there are many types of products that have become in high demand, such as Healthcare products.

Moreover, social platforms changed a few things, like when Instagram and Snapchat added features like Reels, shopping tabs, and Spotlight. Tiktok is still growing in popularity, and businesses have begun to join the flow.

All these events have a profound effect on how digital marketing will look like in 2021. Here are digital marketing tools expected to be used more frequently in 2021.

Social Media

The amount of time spent on social media in 2020 has grown due to the pandemic and the lockdown. The use of social media to 24% in the second quarter of 2020. It has made it considerable for marketers to intensify the efforts to increase their investment in social media.

Pharmaceutical companies are expected to exist and grow more in 2021 since the covid-19 outbreak has made people more aware of their health and made many pharmaceutical companies embrace digital transformation.

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Google My Business and SEO

Googling stuff is the primary thing people use to search for information. Google My Business listing will allow you to display information about your business, like location, hours your working, the services you offer. Of course, this is applied to on ground business like hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and retail stores.

In the pharmaceutical field, every medication has alternatives with the same generic name or provides the same medical effect. It is essential to enhance their existence on google.

On the other hand, using SEO by posting fresh content regularly will ensure that a company gets noticed by more people searching for solutions.

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Google Ads

Smart bidding strategies use several ways to bid for the ads depending on what matters most to the business.

In the past, we used to do bidding manually, but with the increased numbers of things to consider while placing the ads, it has become harder to do it on our own. That is when smart bidding has reached the arena. It uses billions of factors while adjusting the ads letting time for marketers to focus on putting the right strategy and plans.

Now that people spend more time online, it goes without question that using google ads is crucial for the business.

Focusing on Retaining Customers

Loyal customers will keep coming back and bringing more people with them. You keep gaining new customers due to the reputation you have built through your existing ones.

When it comes to healthcare, it is easy to remember the product that has provided the treatment or solution. Also, doctors prescribing medication will want to help their patients feel better. Focusing on those people in your marketing plan will surely help your business.

User Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) is also known as user-created content (UCC). As the name indicates, it is any type of content generated by users to be published anywhere online such as social media platforms or websites. The content produced is mainly about a product they have tried and now they promoted it through their content.

There are many ways you can generate (UGC). Some of these ways are publishing photos made by fans, hashtags that people keep sharing, getting in touch with influencers, and holding contests. Snapchat lenses or Tiktok videos are examples of users publishing their videos and engage with brand messages

Statistics show that people trust influencers and more likely to buy products promoted by them than the ones made by celebrities. Also, the world of mouth is one of the best ways to promote a product.

UGC boosts the lead generation, enhances the SEO and cost-effectively brings more customers.

Focusing on Conversions

Users are getting more familiar with online purchases and e-commerce websites which requires a focus on selling online. As a brand you must offer online purchases and you do not even have to own a store. There are many well know e-commerce platforms such as Amazon (or Souq in Egypt), Jumia and Noon. Also, e-commerce platforms and mobile apps specialized in pharmaceutical products in Egypt such as Yodawy, Vezeeta, 3elagi, belshifa, Rosheta and 3lagak. For KSA, pharmacies have a good existence online like Al Nahdi and Al Dawaa besides startups like Saydl. In UAE, we usually think about Aster, BinSina, Life pharmacy as well as Wasfati. So you have to think about how your products are listed there, how they appear in terms of photos, description and other details. So you can also deal with such platforms to maximize your benefits from them.

Interactive Content

Interactive content is the type of content that involves actively engaging with that content rather than passively reading, watching, or listening. Some types of interactive content include online quizzes, surveys, polls and calculators.

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