Enhancing Healthcare Professional Education: The Power of Gamification in Pharma-Sponsored Programs

Jan 18, 2024 / by admin / in: Blog

Healthcare is an ever-evolving field where staying current with the latest advancements is not just a preference but a professional imperative for healthcare professionals (HCPs). Acknowledging this, pharmaceutical companies have taken a progressive step by sponsoring educational programs aimed at keeping HCPs well-informed. In recent years, a transformative element has been introduced to these programs […]

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Mar 02, 2023 / by admin / in: Blog


Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the marketing industry by providing new ways to analyze data, automate routine tasks, and create personalized experiences for customers. AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and predict customer behavior, allowing marketers to target their efforts more effectively. In addition, AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can […]

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Novartis At Swiss Pavilion In Expo 2020 In Dubai

Dec 22, 2021 / by admin / in: Blog


A world Expo is a global gathering designed to showcase the achievements of the participating countries. It is held to share and find innovative solutions every year by allowing visitors to have tours inside each country theme using engaging activities and stunning visuals. Each time the exhibition is held in a different part of the […]

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How can Brands benefit from Facebook AI “Rosetta”

Mar 06, 2019 / by admin / in: Blog


As long as social media is integrated more and more in our life, visual become more predominant! Hence, social platforms need to develop ways to detect and classify image and video content, enabling them to better surface relevant posts in search. From this point, Facebook has been working on its advanced image recognition tool, which […]

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