How Mobile Applications Help Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sectors Reach Their Target

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Mobile apps are one of the digital marketing services that help businesses provide services to users in a manner that is faster, more accessible and time-saving.

Having a Mobile app enables a business to send push notifications about what’s new about the services like the seasonal offers and deals, how to use the service or the product…etc.

According to Statista, As of 2019, over 2 million apps are available for download on the Google Play store, while 1.83 million apps are available on the Apple App Store. Tools, communication, video players and edit, travel and local are the leading Android app categories worldwide. In a world where everything has transformed into digital, you can turn any idea into a mobile application which in turn, helps users to keep coming back since you’re making it easier for them to use the service and always remember your brand.

In the pharma world, mobile apps are one of the digital marketing services that can help Health care practitioners (HCPs) in several ways to make caring for their patients much easier. Here are a few ways mobile apps help HCPs and users.

Benefits of Mobile Applications for Pharmaceutical and Medical Sector

Providing more Value

Mobile application designed and developed by Eureka Digital Inc.

An example of this is PharmaZy, an app sponsored by AstraZeneca and developed by Eureka Digital for pharmacists to use in their daily work with their customers. 

This application provides many features, from weekly news to the drug index and from Disease assessment to the Dose calculator. All that help its pharmacists to stick with the application most of the time in their work which eventually makes their life easier while building engagement and loyalty. This pharmacists’ application is now used by thousands of physicians in Egypt.

Mobile application designed and developed by Eureka Digital Inc.

Risk assessment tool

For instance, AstraZeneca whose goal is to eliminate the remaining cardiovascular (CV) risk of patients with CV disease has provided useful and simple tool for physicians aiming to estimate the 10-year cardiovascular risk of the individuals using both the European SCORE system for the high Cardiovascular risk population and the American Pooled cohort risk equation with just a click of a button.


Getting Help Using a Product

Mobile application designed and developed by Eureka Digital Inc.

Ferosac – a medicine containing iron produced by SPIMACO – has made a dose calculator that enables HCPs to calculate their patients’ iron sucrose doses by adding details like their weight and target. The mobile app also contains all the details about Ferosac products such as indications and side effects. This mobile application is now used by hundreds of doctors in KSA. 

Updating and Connecting HCPs


Mobile application designed and developed by Eureka Digital Inc.

On the other hand SUDA – Sudanese Diabetes Association aims to connect Sudanese doctors’ community and updating them via news and medical resources. This mobile app is sponsored by Hikma pharmaceutical company.


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