Little known Things About Peak Seasons and Online Campaigns

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For so many years seasonality and events have affected how people interacted with brands. This, in turn, made seasons and events part and parcel of every online campaign and content strategy; It makes the brand present, touches people’s hearts, engage with them in the right moment and put the customer in the center of the attention, hence building relationships with those customers.

In the last couple of months, we had many occasions going, from Ramadan to Eid Al Fitr, and from Africa Cup of Nations to the summer vacation; All of these are important events to connect with people on a deeper level and explain how your audience could benefit from your products in these occasions.

Here is an example of the latest posts on Maalox Facebook page and how seasons affect their content strategy as a part of their Pharmaceutical digital marketing plan.


Now we’ll discuss how seasons and events can affect engagement a social media’s content strategy with a brand and bring more revenue while making the customers happy.

Peak and Off-peak Seasons

You’ll notice a remarkable change in people’s interest in a product from time to time during the year. While marketing a product might seem effortless in a season, it might differ in the next one.

One mistake some online marketers make is focusing their effort on the peak seasons while ignoring the off-peak times. It’s best to think of creative ways to keep on top of the audience’s minds all through the year.

In the following example, QV provides skin-friendly products like moisturizers that are suitable for sensitive skin, and soap and fragrance-free cleansers. During the Hajj season, it provides a solution for pilgrims to take care of their skin and hygiene without using scented products.


On the other hand, companies like Sanofi, LEO, and Telfast have surprised us with the inventive ideas that hugely increased their engagement and positive feedback.

campagne was done by Eureka Digital Inc. for Telfast in the Summer

People’s Buying Habits Change


Along with the change in the season or circumstances, people’s buying habits change. This is an example of an awareness campaign done by LEO to maintain healthy skin; Summer is the best time to educate people about their skin when most of the skin conditions take place. 

People Like Visuals

No matter what the season or the event is, people, get drawn to visuals, as it’s the visual communication between the audience and the brand.

Gepostet von Novaldol am Dienstag, 2. Juli 2019

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