The Secret Sauce to A Winning Content Strategy That Gets Them to Buy

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, The Secret Sauce to A Winning Content Strategy That Gets Them to Buy

So many businesses create content on a regular basis, but only a few of them notice results.

The truth is that 86% of successful and big-name companies have someone steering their content strategy like a digital marketing agency. Now let’s dig in to know why creating a solid content strategy is a must for every business and how to set the right one for yours.

What Is A Content Strategy?

Content strategy is a strategic marketing and business process focused on producing and publishing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

By creating content the right way, you can rank higher on search engines, then you can drive 10x more traffice through SEO

Why Set A Content Strategy?

To mention a few:

  • Build trust and rapport with your audience.
  • Creating Valuable Content that educates and entertains, yet being on time and organized.
  • Avoid running out of content and keeping creativity at the highest level.
  • Having a road map to how the content will look like in the following months whether it’s the type of content or the topics.

How to Set A Winning Content Strategy That Gets Them To Buy?

Define your target audience

There is no use working hard and creating tons of pieces of content when they show up to the wrong people.

Defining the target audience according to demographics, challenges, and interests is the best way to spend less and get more.

Define your goals

You can’t just focus on the awareness and expect people to purchase. Social media users need to know what exactly what you need from them in every single piece of content.

What stage of the buyer’s journey

Are you addressing people who don’t know anything about the product or even have an awareness of the problem or people who are already searching for solutions.

Use storytelling

For thousands of years, stories have always captured the attention of who is listening. It’s in our genes and it always works.

Set calendars

Every Expert marketing agency keeps a calendar with content titles and worksheets of how the content should be going for the following quarter. But keep in mind that you’ll need to keep up-to-date with the breaking news in case an immediate copy is needed.

Promote your content

Organic reach is declining, either due to change of algorithms or due to people getting lazy to share and engage. you’ll have to show your masterpiece to the world and include a powerful call-to-action to lead people to the desired action.


Using analyzing tools to know which content has performed the best and if the content strategy has brought the results and is aligned with the goals.

In a Nutshell

Setting a content strategy is not something that is done overnight. It needs a high level of commitment and professionality in order to make the most out of the campaign without wasting resources.

Check out some samples of how content strategy brought some brands to life

Abeer Dawood / Senior webmaster/ Copywriter at Eureka.


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