Social Media Secret tips used by skincare brands to stand out

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, Social Media Secret tips used by skincare brands to stand out

Skincare products were never more in demand. From anti-Aging Serums to best eye creams and face peels, there is more variety than ever to care for skin and make it look more youthful and maintain its health. Each product fits a certain age group and certain people according to their circumstances. So how those skincare products reach out to their target audience and get more people to be interested. It’s social media marketing that has brought the world together. But, how exactly do they do that? That’s what we’re going to show you some examples of the brands we’ve helped reach out to more people.

QV Skincare

, Social Media Secret tips used by skincare brands to stand out

QV Skin Care Products No. 1 in Australia, recommended by dermatologists for their perfume, color, and common skin irritations.QV uses an engaging type of content on QV Middle East social media accounts to keep people coming back to their page. The unique visuals and text content used by QV with the help of the social media marketing agency has helped them stay on top of the audience’s minds. There is no better way of marketing a product than making customers talk about it themselves.

Dr. GRANDEL Skincare

, Social Media Secret tips used by skincare brands to stand out

Dr. Grandel is Scientific methods and the professional approach guarantee beauty products that stand for optimized nature made in Germany.

Our Duty is your Beauty

حتى بشرتك بتتأثر في أيام الجامعة 😭وضع المكياج لوقت طويل باستمرار و التعرض للأتربة ليهم تأثير كبير على البشرة. بس هتنسي القلق ده مع Purigel Cleansing Gel اللي بيساعد على تنضيف البشرة من غير أي جفاف وبيزيل تمامًا الأوساخ وآثار الماكياج.منتج ألماني يثق فيه جراحي التجميل وأطباء الجلدية.تقدري تطلبيه من خلال صفحتنا وهيوصلك لحد البيت، ومتوفر أيضاً في بعض الصيدليات.#دكتور_جرانديل #جل #بشرة #تنظيفEven your skin got affected by college days 😭Putting make-up on daily basis & the long exposure to dust have an effect on your skin. But no more worries with Purigel Cleansing Gel that helps cleanse your skin without causing skin dryness & removes dirt & make-up effectively.A german product trusted by Plastic Surgeons & Dermatologists.You can order it through our page & it’ll be delivered to your doorstep, & also available at some pharmacies.#Dr_Grandel #Gel #Skin #Cleanse #MadeinGermany

Gepostet von DR. GRANDEL.Egypt am Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2019

Dr. GRANDEL Egypt’s social accounts use a few effective ways that make their audience love them and keep inquiring about the product. The first one is the educational content that gives the users tips on how to care for their skin the right way provided by healthcare professionals. The other way is the light sense of humor used in the copies in their images. Both of which are elements of a content marketing strategy. 

QYRA Egypt

, Social Media Secret tips used by skincare brands to stand out

Qyra is a German product with Bioactive Collagen Peptides that decreases skin wrinkles, hair loss, cellulite & stretch marks. All of which are conditions the vast majority of women suffer from. 

QYRA Egypt offers a variety of types of content including recommendations by specialists and counselors, daily tips, animated GIFs, attractive visuals and much more. There is no wonder why the pages get tons of engagements every week.
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