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, Metaverse & Healthcare

Metaverse as many of us know it, is a virtual world that enables us to live in deal with things and places within that world. What is more interesting is the ways metaverse can be applied in various fields to help the world be a better world. The idea of metaverse itself has been around for a while and has been used in a few well-known applications. Lately, many have started to consider it to make it a part of their business, like when Zuckerberg has announced his plans to build the “metaverse”.

What Exactly Is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a hypothesized iteration of the internet that uses technologies such as, virtual reality augmented reality, and videos and uses online 3-D virtual environments to give users the experience to live within the digital world.

Applications Of Metaverse 

Some applications use metaverse such as VRChat and games like Second Life in a much simpler form. The interesting fact is there is a great potential we can use metaverse in healthcare to better understand our health and provide better solutions for our problems.

Here are a few ways we can benefit from metaverse in the health world.

Medical Training 

People studying and working in healthcare are required to have a variety of skills in addition to medicine. They are required to have a high level of problem-solving, professional communication skills. Simulating real-life situations will help HCPs gain experience and confidence until it becomes second nature even though they haven’t physically been there.

Metaverse is believed to allow us to have a more visual understanding of the situation without putting people’s lives on the line. Moreover, the entire experience can be recorded and reviewed many times to look at the details.


Surgical Procedures

Complicated surgical procedures attention like spinal surgery, eye surgery, or removing cancer tumors, need full. Metaverse will provide more flexibility for HCPs who want to learn to perform the procedures again and again until they do it with high precision.

Any sort of skills that needs physical work and attention like performing surgical procedures will benefit from the technology since it will allow surgeons to try the operation more often and gain better training on them.


Doctors’ Appointments And Consultation

Whether we need the help of a fitness coach or physical therapist, many people we will be allowed to get consultancy without having to leave the comfort of their homes particularly, for those who find leaving home challenging due to illness or disability.

Many people don’t have the accessibility to book an appointment with a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist. Imagine someone who can’t leave his or her home because of extreme or irritational fear of going out. Additionally, it is going to serve those can’t find a therapist in their neck of the woods.

Metaverse represents a great potential to make the best out of the essential areas of our lives. We are waiting for what the future holds and what technology like metaverse can change in our lives.

Pain Management

Virtual reality is believed to relieve severe pain by distracting the patient during a procedure, or while healing after operations. Unsurprisingly, distracts children while taking a shot or receiving daily injections.

Physical therapy

Many of the exercise recommended by therapists to start moving after a long period of inactivity, needs not only physical effort but also coordination between the brain and the limbs. Starting exercises in a virtual world the mimics the real one can save time and effort so the patient can start moving better and decrease their risk of falling.

Metaverse And Digital Marketing

A new form of marketing can evolve if metaverse becomes more widespread. Digital marketing products have proven how companies can increase their revenues by targeting more people without meeting them in person. Metaverse will take this further by allowing communication between healthcare providers or doctors and patients about what works best for the condition, awareness about the disease, and its solutions.

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