Launching a Digital Campaign for Pharma in KSA? Here’s what to do!

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, Launching a Digital Campaign for Pharma in KSA? Here’s what to do!

They say, “a goal without a plan is just a wish”. If you wonder what the best way to market something and spread quickly and widely, the answer is always going to be “Quality is the best plan”. Now we discuss the special sauce for launching Pharma digital marketing campaign in KSA with real-life examples.

Be Ready with An Objective

The first step to work on anything in the world is to start with the goal in your mind. Before reaching out to a digital marketing expert keep in mind what you are trying to achieve through social media campaigns. For instance, you might want to increase sales in KSA expand an audience, increase awareness about a disease, or engage with the audience so they will remember the brand. By doing that we keep in mind how the whole campaign and the strategy will look like so we can draw the skeleton for this strategy.  

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In the example below, we show some Instagram posts by “Thyroid Talks” that aim to educate people in KSA about the health of the thyroid gland through Instagram. Thyroid talks are sponsored by Merck; you can tell from the tone of voice and the designs that it is all about awareness and that it is targeted for women with different interests different stages of life.

, Launching a Digital Campaign for Pharma in KSA? Here’s what to do!

While this group of posts made for QV, however, aim to educate the audience and make them aware of the products as well as increase engagements with KSA web users using activations and contests. QV provides the number 1 skincare products in Australia, recommended by dermatologists for they are free of perfume, color, and common skin irritants.

, Launching a Digital Campaign for Pharma in KSA? Here’s what to do!

Choosing the Right Agency 

After you have decided on your objective, choose the right agency that will understand this objective, and collaborate with you to work smoothly until you reach to the target. 

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You can tell how much an agency is professional by their portfolio, their clients, testimonials, sample work, and the success stories they have realized in the past few years. 

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The Brief

After contacting the right agency, comes the briefing stage. You will be required to educate those who will work with about the brand, who you are, the target audience, the competitors, values, constraints, restrictions, and any additional information. You will also be required to coordinate with them in planning and setting the strategy. 

Setting Plan and Preparing Content

This step is mainly done by the agency. Preparing the content goes through several steps. These steps include setting the map or the strategy, preparation, organizing, writing, evaluation, and internal reviewing of the content.

SFDA Approval

According to the SFDA (Saudi Food and Drug Administration), prescription products promotion is not permitted, promoting OTC products and awareness campaigns is allowable but require SFDA approval, consumer wellness products, skincare products, supplements, and nutrition products however, do not require SFDA permission. Product or Marketing manager should check which category his campaign/product falls in.

In the step of reviewing the content will be sent for SFDA approval. Creating the content needs to align with their guidelines mentioned on their website. Some of these regulations include the following:

  • Not to use advertising after the end of the specified period, which is a Hijri year from the date of final approval.
  • Do not add or delete any information after final approval.
  • Record the decision number of the authority’s approval of the publicity or advertisement.
  • Compliance with what is stated in the system of establishments and pharmaceutical preparations and the Food and Drug General Authority and its executive regulations.
  • Provide the authority with a copy of the publicity or advertisement before it is published.
  • Not to claim a refund after submitting the application.


Hooray! You have completed the main 4 steps to create a successful campaign that brings customers and sells more. Though, it does not end there. Whether you choose to run paid ads or just let it bring organic reach, it’s best to watch the results and keep up to date with the insights to analyze and see what works best for your brand. Do you need help launching a digital marketing campaign for the pharma industry in KSA? Contact one of our team members now!


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