The Best Digital Agency for Pharmaceutical Companies

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, The Best Digital Agency for Pharmaceutical Companies

In the past, the ways you’d market pharmaceutical products were limited and costly. There were many missed opportunities and bad reputations. It would take a little while for patients and doctors to know the latest products and treatments. Nowadays, marketing pharmaceutical products couldn’t be easier. Since the internet has made it easier to connect with people around the world based on their demographics and interests. Digital marketing has become the most thing we rely on to build awareness about that product. 

In the digital marketing world, there are a variety of options to let people know about something. Those options include social media marketing, SEO, website building, mobile app, paid and organic reach. The key is to choose the right digital marketing agency that can listen and understand what exactly that brand needs and work upon the information that they have. Below we discuss the best digital marketing agency and the cons of not choosing the right team, especially in the pharma world. 

Consequences of Not Working With Experts

To mention a few: 

Negative Reviews Can Cause Much Damage

Bad news travels fast. Many of those who’ve had a bad experience with an OTC product will jump to conclusions and post on social media without contacting the service provider first. The problem then turns into a snowball where everyone shares and comments about it until it’s out of control. Having an experienced team behind that can handle difficult situations can really save you a lot.

Most well-known digital marketing agencies will have a trained community management team with a medical background to handle social media users, help them make decisions, and handle problems professionally. 

It’s Easy to Throw Money Down The Drain

You can get tons of engagements and followers but zero conversions!! The reason why is that you’re probably targeting the wrong audience. For instance, an ad that is meant to be for healthcare providers but most of those who react don’t seem to have any connection with healthcare can be a red flag that it’s been done without planning.

Lack of Planning

It’s easy to be out of step if you don’t have a three-month content plan. A content plan should put things into consideration like the buyer’s journey, the conversion funnel, type of content…etc. Not having those things in mind while working can lead to chaos.

What A Good Digital Marketing Agency Can Do To A Brand

Creating Real Engagement

For a social account to have more organic engagement, the content has to be entertaining as well as provide value for the user which helps the audience to remember the brand. This is exactly what happened with Sanofi. In an article on Think Marketing Magazine How Sanofi got 400% engagement rate, It said 

“Sanofi and their digital agency, Eureka Digital, have been keeping it a bit more comedic with two of their main pages. Maalox and Novaldol have been leading the pack with their own separate brand of light and sarcastic captions”

Being Able To Convince The Audience To Buy

When creating content for blogs or social media, it’s easy to forget why you’re creating that content in the first place. 

Content should help web users learn more about a challenge, engage them so that they’ll come back, make decisions and increase conversions.

According to Think Marketing Magazine on Social Media’s Influence on Cosmetics Industry: Medical Makeup in Egypt,“BioNike, whose local digital agency is Eureka Digital, shows that the local market does appreciate brands that truly care about their users. ”BioNike is an Italian cosmetics brand that just launched in Egypt.

Offer Consultation

The best way to solve a problem is to avoid it before it happens. A social media post that is not in the right place or time can lead to disasters and affect the bottom-line of a company. 

Professional digital marketing agencies have set scenarios for every possible problem that can happen online. From a negative comment on social media to handling crisis. 

Data Analysis

The task doesn’t end by simply posting a few pieces of content to be available online, there is still a lot to do afterward. It’s important to track which posts have performed the best, understand the users’ behavior and reaction to those posts, analyze and optimize a website, track sales in order to modify the online experience and understand what the data tells about the customers.  

Investing in a good digital agency can help a brand stand out, increase the audience and conversions. Do you wonder what services a digital marketing agency can offer? Check out some of them.


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