Digital Marketing Key Insights about Ramadan in Egypt in 2021

Mar 29, 2021 / by admin / in: Blog

, Digital Marketing Key Insights about Ramadan in Egypt in 2021

Did you know? 99% of surveyed observers in Egypt think Ramadan is more important than other festivals celebrated during the year. Here are a few insights regarding digital marketing in the month of Ramadan.

Interesting Facts

FB research revealed that 42% of Ramadan observers in Egypt who shop during the season report purchasing more, whether it is to prepare the home, ready special meals, or send gifts to loved ones during Eid al Fitr.
With all this shopping, people are actively finding ways to save money and track down the best deals of the season.
Some 53% of survey respondents in Egypt say Ramadan is a time to find the best deals, and in fact, 42% of Facebook users in Egypt who observe Ramadan want to see good deals on the platform, like promotional offers or discounts. And as lives and income streams are affected globally during this pandemic, we predict Ramadan observers will be even more mindful of the best deals.

, Digital Marketing Key Insights about Ramadan in Egypt in 2021

Ramadan and COVID-19

It is believed that Ramadan this year is going to be different because of COVID-19. From religious rituals to family gatherings. People are advised to do their daily prayers at home. Traditions and plans will change to adjust to the new situation. Many brands are required to think differently this time as there is a crisis at hand. Those brands will focus on providing services and publishing content that talks about what matters to people at this time, hence create a meaningful connection with their audiences. This will open the door for social media marketing experts to deliver the right message to the right people during the pandemic.


Based on a survey done on 952 people last year, people were found to express their values and traditions online too. This will create an opportunity for brands to the right message and create meaningful connections during this time.

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