What you need to know about digital health

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, What you need to know about digital health

Many technologies have become used in the healthcare field. From artificial intelligence and mobile applications to wearable devices, tracking your health daily has never been easier and more accurate. Now we can diagnose illnesses, find the best treatments, and get a contactless healthcare system without leaving the comfort of our homes. These technologies have been widely used by both patients and healthcare providers in recent years. Here is everything about why digital health will make our lives better.

What is Digital Health?

Digital health refers to the application of information and communication technologies in the healthcare field to manage disease and health risks and promote wellness.

Digital health can include many things including wearable devices, mobile health, telehealth, and telemedicine.

One of the most common applications of digital health is using websites and mobile applications in healthcare to add value to health and healthcare system, solve problems, and provide solutions for HCPs and patients. Using mobile applications have many uses including:

  1. increase patients’ diagnosis of a certain disease,
  2. help physicians in complications risk assessment,
  3. second opinion platforms to get a consultation,
  4. continuing medical education for HCPs
  5. forums for HCPs
  6. improving patient compliance via dose reminding
  7. alarming patients to refill a medication or visit labs for periodic tests
  8. saving patients’ electronic medical records
  9. virtual HCP appointments

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What are the Benefits? 

  • Remote patient monitoring especially for those who are unable to move or leave home because of illness or injury.
  • More accessibility. The ability to contact a professional through only an internet connection compared to those who wait up to months to book an appointment and get diagnosed.
  • More affordable. Many people will be able to get the best benefit at the least cost.
  • Less time-consuming. With the click of a button or a swab, you can track your health status daily.
  • Progress toward wellness. The ability to track your sleep hours, heart rate, Blood pressure, or how many steps you have achieved each day will help maintain your body health and even be in better health with time.

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What are the Main Concerns?

Since these technologies are new FDA is still improving and working on providing guidance and regulations around them.

Issues regarding confidentiality and data privacy still need to be solved.

Healthcare providers and doctors still cannot fully depend on them to fully track their patients’ health.

The industry is still new so there is a lack of clinical trials, not enough research about its efficiency and how much we should depend on it.

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