Successful Digital Marketing Launches of Consumer Healthcare Products

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, Successful Digital Marketing Launches of Consumer Healthcare Products

While social media marketing is an ongoing process, the most critical phase in social media marketing is the campaign launch. It is a one-time step that if done correctly can save you a lot in to advertise the brand. Launching a campaign for consumer healthcare products involves planning for proper timing, building content strategy, choosing the tone of voice, putting the right tactics, agreeing on the output and outcome, etc. Successful digital marketing launches have helped those products reach the right people like patients and healthcare professionals by advertising those products across several platforms.

What Are Consumer Healthcare Products?

Consumer healthcare products that customers can buy without the need for a prescription from a health care practitioner. Prescription drugs, however, require the oversight of a health care practitioner.

Examples of consumer health care products are OTC medications in areas such as pain relief, oral health, skin health, digestive health, nutritional supplements, and other self-care products.

Examples of successful digital marketing launches of consumer healthcare products

QV Middle East


QV is a Skincare brand produced by Ego Pharmaceuticals (Ego) that offers products with lines for face, body, kids, and baby. QV launched their online campaign in the middle east in 2015. It mainly targeted the GCC countries.

QV has used various tools to launch a strong campaign with the help of Eureka Digital. These tools and platforms include their website, mobile app, social media marketing like Facebook and Instagram, online ads, video marketing on YouTube, Google Display Network, and Search ads.

Integrating all these tools combined to create a powerful launch has helped the product to reach the largest number of customers. The results were striking since QV now has become a market leader in KSA and some other GCC countries.

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Maalox Egypt

, Successful Digital Marketing Launches of Consumer Healthcare Products

Maalox is an antacid produced by Sanofi. Maalox Egypt has scored 1st social media presence for Maalox worldwide and 1st social media presence for Sanofi in Egypt. So its social media launch was gaining global attention.

Within 1st month, Maalox has acquired 100K fans and 20 Million impressions. Maalox has got more popularity on social media by being friendly and using a sense of humor yet providing some light and understandable medical info.

Maalox has achieved a 42.5% increase in yearly sales in 2016, while Maalox Plus has shown a 36% increase in yearly sales in 2016.

Maalox has used different channels such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google Display Network, and now, it is a market leader.

Bronchicum Egypt

, Successful Digital Marketing Launches of Consumer Healthcare Products

Bronchicum is a herbal anti-cough medication by Sanofi. It is the market leader in Egypt above all other herbal and chemical anti-cough medicines.  It provides value on their social media accounts by giving tips and bits of advice to cough patients and caregivers using a friendly tone of voice while offering medical information.

Its online campaign launch took place by end of 2015. Within approximately one month of launching their campaign, Bronchicum has gained +100,000 fans, and +2,000,000 people reached. Bronchicum has also achieved a 26.9% increase in yearly sales in 2016 (compared to 2015). You can tell from the numbers that they didn’t get these results by chance.

Channels used by Bronchicum include Facebook, YouTube, Google Display Network.

Fito Egypt

, Successful Digital Marketing Launches of Consumer Healthcare Products

Feto is a cream produced by LEO Pharma used for first- and second-degree burns, ulcers, sores, wounds, and abrasions. With the help of Eureka Digital team, they craft sociable, engaging, and creatively light medical content. They provide valuable tips and advice to patients and caregivers.

Within a couple of weeks of launching their campaign, Fito Egypt has reached around 500,00 people on both Facebook and Instagram with a high engagement rate!

Neurovit Egypt

, Successful Digital Marketing Launches of Consumer Healthcare Products

Neurovit is a supplement that contains vitamin B complex and helps relieve pain from nerve infections associated with diabetes or back pain and sciatica.

Recently, Neurovit Vitamin B has announced reaching 50,000 followers, in addition to the tens of thousands of engagements on their Facebook page that was founded in July.

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