Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing in UAE [Do’s and Don’ts]

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, Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing in UAE [Do’s and Don’ts]

98.98% of the total population of UAE are active social media users, with an annual growth of 6.3% active users; this might be due to the availability of super-fast internet at low prices as well as the drop in smartphone prices. 

If you have a brand that you want to increase its brand awareness through social media, here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to marketing pharmaceutical products in UAE.

Do Follow the Regulations

The first step is to follow the authority’s regulation regarding approvals and communication guidelines and limitations. 

Since the pharma industry is directly concerned with people’s health, marketing pharmaceutical products or brands is sensitive and requires paying attention to the roles put by Health regulatory affairs to communicate with the public. 

Do Consider the Culture

Since inbound marketing is all about sending the right message to the right people at the right time every single time, it is crucial to consider the culture of a country. 

UAE is a cosmopolitan country. Study this diversity in your communication and observing the group of people to target your content. Social media agencies use many tools to do this, like social media listening and monitoring

Do Work the Crowd

It is best to work the crowd where they usually crowd in. Beware of the top-level stats about UAE that do not consider different demographic and geographic aspects.

Do Consider the Vibes

Choose a proper tone of voice. For instance, a sarcastic tone will not probably be the best while it might be required for other countries like Egypt or India.

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Do Speak the Right Language

Communicate bilingual. Both Arabic and English are the most spoken languages – unless you are sure that all your target audience prefer a certain language.

Do Not Favor Price Over Quality

Going for less costly agencies that are not familiar with the pharma industry can hurt the brand. Working with agencies that have experience in the niche is key. Looking with an agency that has launched successful pharma digital campaigns is worthwhile and pays off.

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Do Not Follow the Crowd

It’s not only about good designs. You must be authentic, unique, and special to stand out in the crowd. Social media in the UAE is full of many brands in each industry. This means you need to do something that catches attention.

Do Not Focus on One Channel

Do not go to only one channel. If you have set enough budget, you must communicate digitally via multiple platforms.

Do not limit communication on your favorite platform. For example, just because most of your connections are more active on Facebook or Instagram does not mean you spend all the budget on those platforms. It requires being customer-centric and communicates with your audience wherever they are

Snapchat and Tiktok on the other hand might be excellent for a certain group of people even though those platforms might not be appealing to you.

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