Case Study: How Neurovit Has Made A Splash on Social Media Within A Few Months

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, Case Study: How Neurovit Has Made A Splash on Social Media Within A Few Months

Can you guess what’s the number one vitamin supplement known in Egypt to treat nerve inflammation? Correct, it’s Neurovit. Neurovit is a supplement that contains vitamin B complex and helps relieve pain from nerve infections associated with diabetes or back pain and sciatica.

Neurovit has been a market leader VitB (1,6,12) in Egypt for decades with remarkably high brand awareness and brand loyalty. It is trusted by doctors, pharmacists, and patients all over Egypt.

The Objective

Though Neurovit has been on fire for decades, the brand still wanted to stay on top of people’s minds and spread on a larger scale, reach out to people easier, and be present to engage with them directly. 

Another thing is that talking about medication and discussing conditions and treatments can be complicated and difficult to understand when trying to get the message across to a patient. It was time to communicate differently and make it simpler to talk about the medication and its benefits.

The Plan

Social media presence was the best solution based on the needs of the brand. NeuroVit Facebook page was founded in July and the performance was outstanding. They used a light medical friendly tone, provided value, and enticed engagements through:

Discussing the signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy

تلف الأعصاب الطرفية نتيجة الالتهاب المصاحب لمرض السكر ممكن يسبب لنا أعراض زي التنميل أو حرقان في الأطراف، وبتصيب الرجلين…

Gepostet von ‎نيوروڤيت ڤيتامينات ثلاثية لأعصاب قوية‎ am Sonntag, 6. September 2020

كتير من مرضى السكر علاجهم بيكون داخل فيه الميتفورمين وده بيعرضهم لنقص فيتامين "ب12" اللي بيخليهم أكثرعرضة لالتهابات…

Gepostet von ‎نيوروڤيت ڤيتامينات ثلاثية لأعصاب قوية‎ am Sonntag, 9. August 2020

Doctors interviews videos 

القدم السكري مشكلة شائعة في مرضى السكر اللي بيعانوا من التهاب الأعصاب الطرفية، بس ازاي يقدروا يحموا نفسهم منها؟اعرفوا…

Gepostet von ‎نيوروڤيت ڤيتامينات ثلاثية لأعصاب قوية‎ am Montag, 14. September 2020
مضاعفات مرض السكر – نيوروڤيت

مرض السكر مش مجرد ارتفاع مستوى السكر في الدم، ده مرض مزمن إهماله ممكن يسبب مضاعفات خطيرة..هنتعرف على مضاعفات مرض السكر في تاني حلقة من سلسلة "أعصابك صحتك" مع د/إيمان رشدي، أستاذ أمراض الباطنة والسكر والغدد ،كلية طب القصر العينى.#نيوروڤيت #ڤيتامينات_ثلاثية #لأعصاب_قوية #Neurovit

Gepostet von ‎نيوروڤيت ڤيتامينات ثلاثية لأعصاب قوية‎ am Montag, 27. Juli 2020


الصورة فيها علب نيوروڤيت مستخبية.. تقدروا تقولوا لنا في كام علبة؟شاركونا في الكومنتات بالإجابة الصحيحة واعملوا لايك…

Gepostet von ‎نيوروڤيت ڤيتامينات ثلاثية لأعصاب قوية‎ am Sonntag, 2. August 2020


Being present online has enabled the brand to stay in touch directly with its audience, answer their questions, and have better insights about the followers and those who use Neurovit. 

The language used on social media was more friendly, in addition to the value provided. 

Using social media allowed them to get direct engagements and measure how many people are interested in the product.

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The Outcome

If you’ve been managing social media accounts lately you probably know how it’s become tricky to gain people’s attention online, especially that there are millions of other brands that exist online.

Recently Neurovit Vitamin B has announced reaching 50,000 followers, in addition to the tens of thousands of engagements on their Facebook page that was founded just recently in July. That’s only 3 months! Now planning for the next step.


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