Is IGTV good for your brand?

Jul 25, 2018 / by admin / in: Blog

, Is IGTV good for your brand?

After successful eight years for Instagram with billions of users, Instagram has now launched a new longer-form video platform called IGTV that takes aim at media rivals like YouTube – and it’s a move that could pay off significantly for brands.

According to Kevin Systrom calls the new offering the firm’s “most exciting feature to date.” Users will be able to watch full-screen videos in a vertical form made by creators in the standalone IGTV app, or they can watch them right from inside the original Instagram app.

With platform have billions of users already using it the potential benefits for brands are seemingly endless. IGTV doesn’t limit videos to just a minute like Instagram does; instead, they can be as long as an hour, giving brands plenty of time to get their message across. The videos start playing instantly when users open the app, making it easy for them to start watching right away.

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Brands are likely already focusing on mobile-first vertical video, but if not, IGTV should force adoption. This gives brands a new medium to tell longer-form stories, and brands will have to think about the story they want to tell and the value it provides in order to get consumers to watch.

While ads are not yet available in IGTV, we can make assumptions about what the product will look like. IGTV ads will likely be in a full-screen, in-stream, non-skippable format. Facebook will have to employ a strong brand safety strategy to ensure brands are willing to advertise.

So stay tuned! And Be ready for it!

By Hesham Mahdy / Digital Marketing Manager / Eureka Digital


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