Facebook bringing back search ads again!

Feb 27, 2019 / by admin / in: Blog

, Facebook bringing back search ads again!

As Facebook is always keen to make more ads placements on its platforms, in order to get more and more of revenues. Facebook started to test search ads in search results, Facebook did it before for the first time from 2012 till 2013 then turned it down. This time, it’s going to be tested by a small set of selected industries in the US and Canada.

As detailed about this experiment by users:

That Facebook begins to test a small set of advertisers from the automotive, retail industries and e-commerce in the US and Canada.

These advertisers are able to pick the placement of ‘Search Results’ in Ads Manager and they are currently not charged for the specific placement. A business cannot currently run a search ad without running a news feed ad first. Thus, it currently serves as an extension to an existing ad, but it can still offer useful insights to Facebook about the success of this experiment.

Moreover, there is no option yet to target specific keywords or phrases in the beta phase, which could change in the future if search ads roll out to more advertisers.

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However, all of the above may be changed in the future, and a wide segment of other industries or countries could have the chances to use search ads.

It’s obvious that Facebook by this step will get as much data as possible to analyze and evaluate the output of this testing period and determine whether to roll out the ads to more countries and categories or not.

By : Omar Haridy / Digital Marketing Specialist / Eureka Digital


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