Case Study: How Short Videos Helped Alborg Social Media Marketing in Egypt

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, Case Study: How Short Videos Helped Alborg Social Media Marketing in Egypt

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what do your thing of videos? The use of videos on social media has been widely used over the past few years. Videos perform the best when it comes to achieving a certain amount of reach or engagements, followed by images, then pure caption.

In this article we will talk about how using short videos on Al-Borg’s social media platforms has taken their accounts to the next level in Egypt.

About Al-Borg Laboratories

A medical-laboratory company that was founded in 1991. Al Borg labs have been recognized as the leader in Laboratory services. They have served over 17 million patients and carried out 50 million laboratory tests through our extended network of branches all over Egypt. 

AlBorg Labs facebook page has 441,053 people likes and 444,540 people followers.

End in View

Al Borg Labs wanted to provide medical information, give medical advises, get in touch with their audience and create a relationship with them, furthermore, evince their unique selling points so that they’ll remain their audience’s first choice, since Al-Borg laboratories use the latest approved devices, controls and reagents that guarantee you the highest accuracy in the analysis and the result, in addition to the barcode that ensures that the analysis is done without any human intervention to the limit of printing the result, and the fact that they include more than 1,400 employees at your service, providing a list of more than 2,000 tests.


After discussing the various available solutions with Eureka Digital, a smart option was reached to engage the audience and display the content in an interesting way. This tool was short videos. Short videos help deliver the message without wasting the users’ time. It keeps it interesting and increases engagement. 


Using short animated videos in social media marketing catches people’s attention at a time when people are getting lazier and every brand is competing to get noticed. It also helps demonstrate important messages in a couple of seconds so that they will still remember you. 

Short illustration videos provide the perfect way to talk about the problem and its solution without causing fatigue to the viewer. Finally, it is known to increase the number of conversions to a call-to-action.

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The Aftereffect

Using short educational videos has enabled Al-Borg laboratories to gain the audience’s trust and stay on top of their mind. Using educational videos is a smart way to keep them coming back. It also helped them to educate people about their unique points and demonstrate why they should choose Al-Borg laboratories without coming across as so salesy. In addition to that, it gave the followers the chance to post their questions and communicate with them over the comment section.

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