What Is Integrated Digital Marketing

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, What Is Integrated Digital Marketing

Many of us have heard about the term Integrated Digital Marketing multiple times but hardly knew what it meant or how we would use it to help our businesses. Integrated digital marketing is the best solution to keep all your online efforts aligned which will bring more leads and turn leads into customers.

What Is Integrated Digital Marketing

Bring together all aspects of online communications, channels, and tools to form a cohesive online approach for a business and a unified and smooth experience that enables consumers to reach the brand. It guarantees that the customer receives the message that you want to deliver no matter where he or she encounters the brand. 

Integrated digital marketing involves setting online strategic plans in such a way that provides consistency, clarity, and delivering the highest impact through using various online communication channels. 

For example, a user might search for something on google then, a website of a company appears on the top results that seem to offer an answer. Later, the same company appears on the news feed in his social media account. A few days later, he comes across an ad banner posted on another website, or maybe a YouTube suggested video; all show the same value, standards, and context. Now the company’s name is on top of his mind, and the moment he decides to take an action, that brand is going to be one of the top suggestions to recall.

Services included in integrated digital marketing strategies: 

Web Development and Design

Owning a website has become an essential part of any business. It provides a direct and easy way to deliver the most influential messages to the audience just by searching a brand’s name on various search engines.  

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps increase the accessibility of customers to the brand. Moreover, UI and UX designs are essential to make the application more fit for use. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

81% of people search online for a product or service. Search engine marketing includes search engine optimization (SEO) and search ads (PPC). Both allow the brand to expand, rank higher and become more searchable on search engines.

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Content Marketing

It focuses on creating the right content to write to people at the right time every single time. Then publishing and distributing that content to a target audience online. 

It helps bring more customers by talking about the challenge and how the brand helps people solve that challenge. Eventually, it creates more leads. 

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Social Media Marketing

4.57 billion people now use social media. That is around half of the whole world. Social media marketing enables you to target people by their interests, location, age, sex, and even marital status. 

Social Media Listening and Monitoring

Along with social media marketing, social media listening, and monitoring helps extract information from social media to analyze the popularity of a brand or a company that allows experts to adjust their campaigns to make the brand more accessible. 

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Display Advertising Campaigns (GDN)

Businesses display their ads on an enormous number of websites across the internet, rather than the text ads that appear on top of search engine results.

According to Google, the Display Network reaches over 90% of global internet users and spreads across 2 million sites!

Why Integrated Digital Marketing Is So Powerful

Applying integrated digital marketing results in what we call in the medical field, synergistic effect. The effect when two or more things interact resulting in an overall effect that is greater than the sum of individual effects of any of them.

Because it ensures that all online channels are aligned and follow the same strategy. It helps the brand to become consistent across all the platforms. It allows the brand to follow the same standards and context across all the channels.

Being present in multiple channels with the same value and standard of communication, allows the brand to be more noticeable and increases the return of investments, especially with customers who use more than one online channel.

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