Secrets SEO Agencies do to rank websites #1

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, Secrets SEO Agencies do to rank websites #1

Millions of websites exist on social media and post content every day. This can make the challenge appear so difficult for many niches. Here comes the role of SEO to make your website rank above all.

SEO Helps you rank on the first page

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the on-page and off-page procedures done to make a website rank higher on search engines. The higher the rank the more traffic you get. The more traffic the more conversions. Ranking on the first position is proportional to getting more traffic. 

Nowadays there is what is called the zero position that is the featured snippet that appears as a quick answer at the top of the page. A website or a page can appear one day in that position and disappear the next day. That’s why hiring a specialized SEO agency has become on the rise in recent years to help them stay in the top results. 

How search engines rank websites

Thousands of bots crawl every part of the website including images, hyperlinks, headers, URLs and almost everything on that website. 

Then, those pages are indexed. Pretty much like when you sort books and put them in the right sections in a giant library. 

Finally, picking the results. When a web user searches for something, search engines like google start picking the right results for them depending on the keywords they’ve used in their search. 

Different techniques used by SEO professionals:


Normally, content creators would select primary keywords then add a few synonyms and alternatives to be used throughout the website. Those keywords should be included in the title, headlines, headers, alt-text, anchor texts.

Keywords are not picked up randomly. They are selected based on analytics done by the SEO specialist or team working on the project. Things to consider while choosing the right keyword high CPC keywords and high volume keywords. 

Another thing to consider is Transactional vs informational keywords. The fact is, search engines can determine the intention of the search query based on what people type in their search. Transactional keywords are the ones used to purchase a product. It includes typing the name of the product. For instance, “running shoes”, “handbag”, “Nike”. When you type these types of queries, you’re more likely to get results for online stores.

Informational keywords, on the other hand, are used for educational purposes. For example, “how to bake cookies”. This time you’ll see results that include recipes, tips, and tricks, etc.

This will help use the right keywords based on the objective, and whether your website needs to increase conversions or traffic.


Technical SEO:

Some of the technical SEO to be done include: 

Meta descriptions and titles:

These include a part of the HTML code to be adjusted. The most important meta tags are meta descriptions and meta titles. 


Web developers aim to make URLs SEO-friendly by adjusting the permalink so that it corresponds to the content or the headline on the page. Short URLs are better than long ones. 



The best practice is to include videos, photos, the infographic in the design of a website’s homepage and other pages like the blog posts.

Internal and external links

Those are links directing people to other pages on the website and other links that share content from other websites. Including both in the pages is great for bots to crawl the page and search engines to rank you more. 

Connecting websites Search console

All websites should be connected to google console by adding a piece of code to the website. 

Website speed:

50% of web users would leave the website if it doesn’t load after 2 seconds. That is why the website speed should be tested, images adjusted, HTML compression, JS and CSS minification to make the website load faster.

Mobile optimization:

Every website should be tested regarding being mobile-friendly. That’s why there is what is called mobile-first. Google has started indexing websites from mobile versions first.

There is a lot more to mention when it comes to adjusting a website to rank higher on google. Do you want more people to notice your business online? 

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