How OTC brands capitalize on Eid promoting sales?

Apr 28, 2022 / by admin / in: Blog

, How OTC brands capitalize on Eid promoting sales?

Did you know that 38% of travelers in the UAE said that they planned to travel by plane for Eid compared to 42% in the KSA? While private schools’ students are waiting to enjoy a 7-day long holiday as announced by the KHDA to start on Monday, May 2, marketing agencies for well-known brands are making the best use of the opportunity to display the suitable ads for the right people during this duration. Hence, considering the consumers’ behavior during certain events is critical to reach goals to avoid lost opportunities and pouring money down the drain.

Ramadan and Eid El-Fitr are both meaningful events to Muslims worldwide, especially in MENA. Whether the target is to make people aware of a disease, make people interested in a healthy lifestyle, or motivate customers to convert, Eid El-Fitr is an excellent opportunity to display ads and achieve more ROI. One of the brands that benefit the most from digital marketing is OTC brands.

The best thing about digital marketing during events and festivals is the ability to target people according to their interests and their psychographics and track customers’ behaviors through analytics and social listening tools.

Here are a few clever ways OTC brands make more sales during Eid El-Fitr 

Promoting Gifts Ideas 

Since an occasion like Eid El-Fitr is ideal for family gatherings and many people like to share gifts, some brands promote gift ideas like the beautiful collections from QV Middle East. It can generate more sales in a short period of time. Simple messages like “Eid Mubarak” can lead to a huge effect on the purchasing behavior of consumers.


Multiplying Digital Marketing Efforts

While most brands keep posting regularly during the year, there is one type of content marketers focus on during events like Eid El-Fitr. Marketers like to call it the Hero content. This is the type of content that they post once a year. It can be an announcement, a milestone, or an occasion like greetings for Eid. It is essential to put all the effort into this type of content since it takes place once a year, and there is an increase of the consumption of social media, which is a huge opportunity to catch their attention.

Knowing The Best Time To Publish

If you look at the insights section of any page on social media, you can see an expected pattern when people sign in during the day. The practice completely changes during Eid Al-Fitr. Specialists working on social accounts usually follow these insights, and the posting schedules change.


Watching Previous Digital Marketing Campaigns

Remember when we talked about how analytics is crucial to tracking campaigns? Use these data to know how much it took to convert. Second, use this data to learn from past knowledge, and how to make the next campaign better. Experts usually start testing and analyzing campaigns in the early days.

Aligning The Messaging With The Events

A brilliant video ad from Telfast that they made a few years ago where they could communicate how using the proper treatment can lead to an allergy-free holiday. It can motivate people and remind them of the medication while celebrating and having fun with their friends and family.

Another example of how people’s lifestyles differ during Eid is the type of foods they consume. Eid cookies are eaten across the Arab world to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, which can be an opportunity to promote antacid medications and digestive products. Maalox Middle East showed their creativity last Eid when they shared a creative post telling the audience that they can enjoy their Eid cookies without worrying about hyperacidity.

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