How Animated Drama Videos Educated People About the Health Hazards of Tobacco [Case Study]

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, How Animated Drama Videos Educated People About the Health Hazards of Tobacco [Case Study]

Health awareness campaigns have recently shifted to be mainly online due to many reasons, such as rising numbers of internet users and increase in online consumption besides COVID-19, which forced people to spend more time at home thus, online navigation has become an integral part of their day. On the other hand, people have become more aware of their health and keep searching for better ways to adjust their lifestyles and increase their immunity. One of those lifestyle problems is the use of tobacco.

One of the best ways to spread awareness about such lifestyle changes over the internet is social media marketing. Let’s dig more about an interesting example of how animated drama videos helped educate people about the health hazards of tobacco using storytelling to convey messages,


When it comes to health awareness campaigns to help people adjust their lifestyles and give up on things like smoking, it is quite challenging because of a few reasons.

Encouraging people to discontinue tobacco smoking is a difficult mission since tobacco in some countries you can see warning pictures of patients and victims of smoking on the same package for the buyers to beware of the risks, yet, the number of smokers is still increasing.

Second, due to the huge amount of content posted every day, and the large number of advertisements that we receive daily on the Internet, reaching the goal and the ability to attract people’s attention has become more difficult which means you’ll need something more unique to display to stand out.


An awareness campaign like @fare2ha “فارقها – واختار صحتك” has shown a great example of a digital marketing campaign that could reach a huge amount of people uniquely by using drama videos to educate people about the hazards of tobacco use.

It is an initiative launched by the WHO in collaboration with The MOH with the help of Eureka Digital to educate people against the danger of smoking and help them quit.

Animated drama videos have always been an effective way to grab the attention online. The best thing about this campaign is that it touched people’s hearts while showing how it could affect their lives and make them slaves of this cigarette.

So, on the one hand, they used an effective way to communicate with people through social media, and on the other hand, they choose the right type of content to be presented to people to influence them and change them for the better.

Here is a video explaining the personal experience of many young people and the steps they took from thinking they’re never going to stop to finally quitting, in addition to the step-by-step they followed to stop.

And another motivational video that helps people make a decision by making them imagine and feel how it looks like when they start quitting and what to expect.

This is another amazing video. What is so good about it is that it addresses second-hand smokers to encourage them not to stay silent and stand up against those who smoke in public and harm the surrounding people without giving any attention to their health.

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These videos were published and shared on different channels like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. These videos have made high reach and engagement, reached different demographics, and made a huge impact.

The result is that thousands of people have engaged with the campaign over the past few months, with many comments of people supporting each other and other smokers asking for help either for themselves or for their loved ones.

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