How AlMokhtabar Could Reach Out To People In Covid-19

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, How AlMokhtabar Could Reach Out To People In Covid-19

If you were itching to go out during the Corona outbreak, you have probably noticed almost everybody walking in the street with their face masks like it is the end of the world. You might also have come across a video of a woman screaming for help due to the maltreatment and panic from her neighbors when the infection that spread to her home and family.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the number of cases and deaths has only been increasing and chances are, we are going to stay home for a while. This has made people not only more aware of their health, but many people also panicked and became obsessive about cleanness and not touching anything around. The challenge now falls on people like healthcare professionals when they want to do their job causing the least damage possible. Now we discuss what AlMokhtabar has done as an example to fight the disease and provide its services without causing much trouble.

How Much Do You Know About AlMokhtabar?

AlMokhtabar has always been a customer-centric brand. This was clearly manifested during the covid19 outbreak.

AlMokhtabar Medical Laboratories help people keep up to date with their lab tests by reminding them from time to time to get their blood tests and making booking so easy. What is unique about AlMokhtabar is that it keeps its attention totally about the customer. It offers free home visits 7 days and results can be easily and securely seen online.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak digital marketing is has been the most important channel of communication with customers.


Video published by AlMokhtabar to help in the awareness of keeping the social distancing.

What Was Almokhtabar’s Secrete Weapon to Reach Out to People

AlMokhtabar has made a smart choice to help people going through their lab tests and get them without leaving home. They reached out to people through social media to make them aware of the services they offer during the outbreak. Using social media to publish creative visuals that engage with the most popular topics has got more people knowing about them and what they offer for the time being.

Here is what AlMokhtabar said in the time of Corona outbreak in one social post:

“For the battle heroes who face danger every day, thank you not enough.

In solidarity with the White Army laboratory laboratories offering a 30% discount to the medical sector outside the treatment project.”


, How AlMokhtabar Could Reach Out To People In Covid-19
, How AlMokhtabar Could Reach Out To People In Covid-19

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