Products that skyrocketed in sales during Coronavirus

Mar 29, 2020 / by admin / in: Blog

, Products that skyrocketed in sales during Coronavirus

Now that the coronavirus cases have exceeded 672,000 and deaths have reached 31,000+, all the countries are applying social distancing making most of the people work from home. In addition to that, many countries impose night-time curfew to minimize the spread of the virus. When it comes to businesses, what are the most products and services you think have benefited? Here are a few.

Sanitizers, Masks, Gloves

Products that protect us from coronavirus are perhaps the most in-demand products right now. Many people can’t leave their homes without sanitizers, masks, and gloves. This has increased the demand for those products. Many places are running out of those items.


A sharp increase in sales of disinfectants that neutralize coronavirus like Flash Fighter, Dettol, Lifebuoy was seen as people use them to clean almost all the surfaces around them at work, homes, and hospitals.


People are getting more aware of their hygiene. Parents can’t tolerate letting their kids play without washing their hands frequently. Since people wash their hands more frequently, the need for products like gentle washes, gels, bars, and lotions has increased no doubt. More importantly, online orders have increased.

Immunity boosting products

It is known that vitamin C products such as C-Retard help boost immunity which in turn helps protect from the coronavirus.

Software and technology

While the world has seen a sudden rise in the demand for healthcare products, there is another section that has seen a dramatic increase in use, which is software and technology. All business meetings, kids’ lessons, and coaching services have shifted to applications like Zoom. Many schools are providing resources for kids to study via google classrooms. The fact that many people are staying at home has made all online resources more noticed and used.

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