Eureka Digital – Best Digital Marketing Agency for Nutraceuticals and Food Supplements

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, Eureka Digital – Best Digital Marketing Agency for Nutraceuticals and Food Supplements

The need for digital marketing services has expanded to reach almost every product or service known. One of the products that consider digital marketing crucial for their growth and to reach out to people is nutraceuticals.

What are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are products that are food or part of a food that provides physiological benefit and used as medicine as well as nutrition for the purpose of prevention or treatment. These products exist in the same category as dietary supplements and food additives by the FDA.

Why Eureka Digital Has Become A Leading Company for Marketing Nutraceuticals?

Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions

Eureka Digital provides integrated digital marketing solutions, which means that we got professional team members to do all the services internally, so you won’t need to coordinate with multiple agencies or parties. It means better quality, more flexibility, and faster delivery. These services include:

  • Creative and storytelling
  • Concepts and designs
  • Social media marketing, listening & monitoring
  • Google advertising (display & search)
  • Video production (2d, stop-motion, shooting)
  • SEO
  • Websites
  • Mobile apps

Check out how to select The Best Digital Agency For Pharmaceutical Companies

Specialized Medical Team

Eureka has committed itself to hire physicians and pharmacists that have a full understanding of nutraceuticals digital marketing.

 Eureka digital is the only agency that has full-time physicians as well as pharmacists working on creating the right content and engaging with the community. 

The Truth Is in The Pudding

The best way to learn about an agency and know how efficient it is by checking its portfolio; this is when we let the numbers do the talking. 

Eureka has Launched more than 200 successful online campaigns

Developed more than 90+ Digital projects like websites and mobile apps.

Worked with more than 70 satisfied clients, most of them are pharmaceutical companies.

Here Are A Few Examples of How Social Media Management Looks Like: 

Growth formula kids & pregnancy

A couple of special posts for pregnancy women and mothers caring for their little ones.

أنتِ الحب والأمان والسند لأطفالك، وعشان يفضلوا دايماً منورين حياتك بصحة وفرحة، استخدمي لهم جروث فورميلا للأطفال اللي هيسند جسمهم بكل العناصر الغذائية المهمة لنموهم وصحتهم 😉#ابني_صح#جروث_فورميلا_للأطفال

Gepostet von Growth Formula for Kids am Mittwoch, 26. August 2020

ابدئي رحلة الأمومة بجروث فورميلا للحوامل لأنه هيقدم لكِ أنتِ وجنينكِ العناصر الغذائية اللي هتوفر لكم الحماية من سوء…

Gepostet von Growth Formula for Pregnant am Dienstag, 25. August 2020

SEKEM Health

Here is one of the best types of posts to market a product during the Corona lockdown.

مشاويرك هتخلص من غير خوف من الفيروس لأن مناعتك هتكون أقوى مع تومكس بلس#تومكس_بلس #مناعتك_أقوى

Gepostet von SEKEM Health am Dienstag, 18. August 2020

Homo (adults) and Robesta (kids)

Better health and quality with Homo and Robesta

مع روبيستا طفلك مناعته هتكبر كل يوم 💪 لأنه المنتج الوحيد اللي تركيبته فيها كولوستروم (سرسوب اللبن) ولاكتوفرين اللي…

Gepostet von Homo& Robesta am Sonntag, 23. August 2020

شوف الفيديو علشان تعرف إيه هو كولوستروم وإيه علاقته بهومو🤔وقول لنا في التعليقات جربت هومو ولا لسه؟اطلبه دلوقتي من اللينك ده:هومو #عيلتك_حمايتها_في_صحة_مناعتها

Gepostet von Homo& Robesta am Mittwoch, 19. August 2020

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