Digital marketing for pharma during the World cup 2022

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, Digital marketing for pharma during the World cup 2022

From November 20 to December 18, Qatar is hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022. The FIFA World Cup 2022, which is to be the 22nd edition of the international football championship, will be particularly memorable as it is the first World Cup to be hosted by a Middle Eastern nation and the first time after the Coronavirus outbreak.

Additionally, this is the second FIFA World Cup to be held in Asia since Japan and South Korea jointly hosted the event in 2002.

Events And Digital Ads for Pharma

Digital marketers are increasingly using events to appear more, partly because it allows you to be present at the event virtually without actually being there. To effectively market a certain product, they use a variety of digital methods depending on what is grabbing event attendees’ attention.

In the pharmaceutical sector, the FIFA World Cup 2022 is a fantastic chance to promote OTC products, things that the audience could find interesting at this time, and to remind them to stay active and be fit.

For instance, over 260 million Americans, or nearly 9 out of 10 people, regularly take over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. OTC drugs are a mainstay of consumer goods and products, with Americans making around 3 billion trips annually for their purchases.

Also, People’s interests and behaviors shift throughout events like the world cup. While watching their favorite matches and rewatching what they missed online, people become less active, snack more, and eat more.

It’s a great chance to remind people with annoying symptoms, including those just minor—allergy, cough, headache, and GERD— to use painkilling drugs so they don’t lose out on these enjoyable opportunities or use them as a chance to publish health awareness campaigns.

Many brands are not directly related to football, but during an important event such as the World Cup, where more than two-thirds of the world follows the event, this is a great opportunity for high-value companies to appear in front of the largest number of viewers and achieve their goal in publicity and advertising.

This is what many pharmaceutical companies do to reach their target audience. Many creative pharmaceutical brands found a way to relate their brand to football. Here are some examples., Digital marketing for pharma during the World cup 2022

Nexacare waterproof bandages offer defense against minor wounds such as blisters, cuts, scrapes, and burns.

During a period when many people may be eager to exercise and risk accidents, especially kids, this was an excellent opportunity to display the product in front of a large audience.


, Digital marketing for pharma during the World cup 2022

Panadol is the most well-known brand for treating pain and headaches in many countries. They couldn’t miss a chance to produce a unique commercial to be present during the World Cup.

This clever advertisement was created in Singapore and depicts a large group of spectators forming the shape of a pill in the stadium.

, Digital marketing for pharma during the World cup 2022

B1 and B2 vitamins and minerals, among others, found in Berocca® assist your body in releasing energy from food.

For the product to be displayed in a way that relates to football, Berocca created a smart, imaginative ad. This helps the product get into the minds of the viewers and serves to remind them of it when necessary. It is possible that many individuals might not need the product right now. However, this is how brand awareness functions. You come up with a novel strategy in order to remain in their thoughts until they need it in the future.

, Digital marketing for pharma during the World cup 2022

Many people may find it challenging to refrain from snacking when watching football games. However, this could also be a fantastic chance to eat foods that provide the body with vitamins and healthy ingredients in the form of delicious foods.

DSM vitamin rice is fortified rice that has been enhanced with various necessary vitamins and minerals to meet a range of dietary demands.

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