The Effect of Social Media Marketing on Health Awareness Campaigns

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, The Effect of Social Media Marketing on Health Awareness Campaigns

Many diseases have related health awareness campaigns to educate people about them and their impact. Years ago, awareness campaigns would require people to plan events and spend many resources where they could meet other people in person to talk to them. In the social media era, it’s got way more different. It’s just a click of a button that spreads any piece of information in no time. Not just that, but also send these messages to a target audience. Here are a few examples of how health awareness campaigns made the best use of social media marketing.

Diabetes Awareness Campaign by Sanofi

, The Effect of Social Media Marketing on Health Awareness Campaigns

Social posts created by SANOFI diabetes awareness campaign that has reached millions of people with hundreds of thousands of engagements and thousands of comments and shares has helped a lot of people suffering from diabetes with their journey. Using SMM, most of their social posts show a significant amount of engagements in a very short period.

Awareness Campaigns by Astrazeneca

إهمال علاج ارتجاع المريء

هيحصل إيه لو ما عالجناش ارتجاع المريء؟صعود مكونات المعدة الحمضية للمريء بشكل متكرر ولمدة طويلة بيؤذي جدار المريء وممكن يسبب مشاكل مختلفة على المدى الطويل زي:- قرح في المريء اللي بتخلي البلع مؤلم.- ضيق في المريء.- تغيرات في خلايا جدار المريء واللي ممكن تتحول بعد كده لخلايا سرطانية.#صحتك_بالدنيا #شركاء_من_أجل_الصحة

Gepostet von ‎صحتك بالدنيا‎ am Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2019

The Sehatak beldonya program is one of the initiatives of the Partners for Health program sponsored by Astrazeneca  Company and under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

Health awareness campaigns done by Astrazeneca include awareness about diabetes, cardiovascular health, Gerd and more.

What’s interesting about their campaigns is the variety of types of visuals done by a video production agency (Eureka Digital) to grab the attention of their audience to deliver the message. From animated gifs to attractive graphic designs and educational content created by healthcare experts. No wonder how they get thousands of engagements every week.

Pediatric Diseases Awareness

, The Effect of Social Media Marketing on Health Awareness Campaigns

Tita Hakima on Facebook is an initiative to raise awareness of diseases prevalent in children under the supervision of the Egyptian Pediatric Association and sponsored by Abbott Pharmaceutical Company.

Every family that has children must have suffered from any of the common diseases among kids. That’s what’s lovely about Tita Hakima, as it delivers education about prevalent diseases and how to care for the little ones. By creating a friendly character that even adults have loved and that is so relevant to the tone of voice.

Healthy Skin to Support All Those Living with Skin Problems

ثلاث نصائح هتساعد على الحماية من مشاكل القدمين لمرضى السكر المصابين بضرر في الأعصاب:1- فحص القدمين يومياً والتأكد من عدم وجود تورم أو احمرار أو سخونة.2- غسل القدمين يوميا وتجفيف بين الأصابع جيداً.3- ترطيب البشرة الجافة خاصةً عند تشقق الكعبين والبعد عن الترطيب بين الأصابع.#جلدي_العزيز

Gepostet von ‎جلدي العزيز‎ am Mittwoch, 27. November 2019

Geldy Elaziz is a page sponsored by Leo Pharma® to help people in Egypt preserve healthy skin and support all those living with skin problems.

It talks about different skin conditions like bedsores and skin conditions resulting from diabetes. What makes them so special is that they’re targeted in their awareness, provide explanation videos and pictures about how to care for your skin to prevent and treat those skin conditions.

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