Role of Digital Marketing in Coronavirus Outbreak

Mar 15, 2020 / by admin / in: Blog

, Role of Digital Marketing in Coronavirus Outbreak

Guess what’s taken the world by storm now, Its Coronavirus! While the world was about to ring in the new year a couple of months ago, the current outbreak of coronavirus disease was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. Since bad news travels fast, Coronavirus has become the center of attention on social media all over the world in no time. Here comes the role of digital marketing during an outbreak of a pandemic infection. Here is how. 

Spreading the Right Information

Everyone who’s on social media knows how easy it is to spread rumors about any issue. Digital marketing campaigns are so important at this stage to tell people the right facts and spread the right news based on trusted resources.

Awareness About the Problem

The amount of information that travels across the platforms can be distracting and mislead people. Whether it is through search engine marketing or social media marketing, it’s crucial for the competent authority to be present online to teach people about the problem and how serious is the problem.

One of the effective ways online marketing helps spread awareness is infographic videos. Using Infographic videos is an easy, attractive and cost-effective way to deliver information interestingly and memorably.

Providing the Right Solutions, the Right Way

Facebook and Google ban face mask ads to fight coronavirus price gouging and misleading coronavirus claims. It’s not uncommon to find people selling things online can do more harm than good in situations like this, which can make it hard to fight a pandemic disease. Here comes the role of social media and search engine supervision to stop fishing in troubled water. 

On the other hand, trusted sources can provide information about the best solutions and how to find them to avoid spreading the virus. 

Faster Communication and Less Costly

Compared to awareness flyers and communication using printings, digital marketing is the best way to educate people about something like coronavirus without actually spreading the infection. Additionally, If we compare digital communication with other ATL communication such as TV or Radio, digital and online communication is the king in terms of cost-efficiency.

Marketing Products

This is when people have more accessibility information about the right products and where to get them. On the other hand, brands that are responsible for providing the solution can reach out to people faster and give them instructions on where to buy and how to use them.

A pandemic outbreak of disease causes some products to be on high demand such as disinfectants, soaps, sanitizers, cleaners, immunostimulants, vitamins, minerals, and even vaccines when available, which needs those products to be accessible online to reach out to web users. For instance, the total U.S. dollar sales of hand sanitizer increased by 313.4% between February 22 and February 29, now New York State is making its own with prison labor
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