Video Production The Most Important Tool in Digital Marketing

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, Video Production The Most Important Tool in Digital Marketing

Before smartphones became in everyone’s pocket, the competition was much less when it came to video production. Now that every single human can record a video on the run and share ideas all around the clock, the competition is getting more challenging. Captivating the audience’s attention has never been harder. That’s why videos have become one of the most important elements of digital marketing campaigns. Here are some examples of videos and how they can help web users always remember you in just a few seconds.

Depending on the type of videos there are many styles to show a piece of information. Here are a few. 

Short Animated Videos

Verousa – Short animated video created by Eureka Digital Inc.

People who view videos are more likely to purchase than those who don’t. One of the most effective ways to deliver a message is by using short animation videos that can be used on Facebook and Instagram replacing the old gifs in a wider modern way.

Short animated videos can be used for bumper ads which are 6-second ads on youtube (not skippable) short videos that let you reach more customers and increase awareness about a brand with brief, memorable messages so that the brand will stay on top of the audience’s mind.

Since the majority of people are visual learners and 90% of the information is transmitted to the brain through visuals, animated videos play a big role in telling a story or delivering a message. The demand for video production agencies has never been higher.

2d Infographic and Motiongraphic Videos

Tita Hakima – explainer video created by Eureka Digital Inc.

Internet users spend 2.6x more time on pages with videos than pages without videos. In order to keep them watching there has to be something catchy that captivate their attention.

2d infographic videos are changing the way brand storytelling. It boosts up a brand’s story while being informative and educational and sometimes adding a little bit of sense of humor.

Explainer videos are short videos used by businesses to explain themselves. Explainer videos or infographic videos can be used to educate people about a challenge, tell them about available products or services.

2d Entertaining Videos

2d entertaining video created by Eureka Digital Inc.

Video traffic that is shown online has made up 69% of all the global online traffic. There is no wonder why YouTube has over 1B users and 500 million hours are watched every day. This means we need to be generating more video content in order to get more customers in the competitive environment.

As well as teaching people about a brand, and the available products and what problems they solve, it’s a good idea to publish some content with the purpose of entertainment. Entertainment videos keep the audience engaged. Humor, in general, is the easiest way to find a way into people’s hearts.

Stop Motion Videos

BioNike Ranges

With #BioNike number 1 in Italy, whatever your skin type is and its needs, you will find the product that suits you! #DefendYourSkinمع BioNike رقم ١ فى إيطاليا ، مهما كان نوع بشرتك و احتياجاتها هتلاقى الى يناسبك#امان_بشرتك_صحتها

Gepostet von BioNike Egypt am Dienstag, 4. September 2018

Stop motion videos are a series of frames played as a fast sequence where objects are moved into small increments between each photo which appears as a whole independent motion. 

Stop motion videos are not something that has just been invented. The first known stop motion video was released back in 1898. Nowadays, it’s known to be a very attractive way to showcase your ideas or products. 

Video shooting for digital marketing


الحساسية مالية عليك حياتك؟!خد تلفاست وعيش بحرية وانسى أعراض الحساسية.#خلي_الحساسية_على_تلفاست

Gepostet von Telfast Middle East am Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2018

Videos on social media are known to bring the most amount of traffic compared to creative images and only text. Video shooting for digital marketing can be used for different purposes. Videos can include interviews with specialists about a particular topic, or for advertising just like TV commercials.

Why Is Video So Important in Digital Marketing? 

Nowadays using videos in a digital marketing campaign is not an option, here are a few uses for videos depending on the purpose

For Explanation

Explanation video created by Eureka Digital Inc.

72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service than the text content. This means that any business account needs to include videos in their content plan. Publishing more videos on a channel and regularly increases engagement and turn users to customers.

Explanation videos can not only be used to tell people about the product, but it can also be used to educate web users about challenges and how to solve them, make them aware of an existing problem so that they’ll start to work on that problem and help eradicate it…etc.

For Events

Bronchicum video created by Eureka Digital Inc.

Ramadan Kareem 😊

Gepostet von eureka digital am Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2018

Videos and gifs can help engage with the audience so the brand sticks to their minds. The best way to hold present with the audience is by posting on events and special occasions.

For Offers and Services

Video created by Eureka Digital Inc.

Al borg Labs – video created by Eureka Digital Inc.

Make people aware of the services that you offer and keep them updated with offers. It can help introduce a brand’s new social media account to the users.

For special moments

BiscoMisr – a video created by Eureka Digital Inc.

Sharing videos about the special everyday moments is amazing because people can relate and it positively affects their emotions. Special moments can include having your coffee in the morning, movie night, hanging out with friends.

Which type of videos is more close to your companies brand identity? Share your thoughts.


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