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Technology has done both harm and benefit to people to the maximum. One of the best ways we put technology to good use is the way we can take care of our health through mobile applications and get detailed reports about our bodies at the push of a button. One of the best decisions many pharmaceutical companies have made is using digitization in their strategies through creating innovative solutions to the problems so that it does not have to feel like a burden anymore.

Breaking The Barriers

One challenge that kept Executives from working towards embracing the digital life was the Health Laws & Regulations. They made these rules to avoid the consequences that result from ill-considered strategies of treatment or ways of communication. In return, these regulations hindered the process of digital transformation for many pharmaceutical companies.

For instance, digital marketing areas such as social media or any platform that helps promote certain healthcare products enable those companies to reach the end-user directly and give consultation without prescriptions. It might cause a lot of problems due to a lack of supervision.

Another example is when a company creates an application to help in diagnosis based on answers you provide. They have to add a disclaimer that the diagnosis does not replace the doctor’s consultation.

In many cases, to approve of something and make it legal in the healthcare and pharmaceutical world, it must go through a series of tests, trials, and errors to avoid putting humans’ lives on the line.

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Effect Of Digital Technology On The Operations

Digitization has led to better and faster decisions. It enables companies to combine their services and improve working processes, helping them be adaptive and responsive. As a result, planning precision, manufacturing efficiency and productivity, inventory levels, and service levels are enhanced.

Seizing this opportunity needs constructing a digital ecosystem, for instance using websites and mobile applications such as e-pharmacies, digital communication with HCPs, medication adherence and compliance apps, dose calculator apps for pharmacists, risk assessment calculator apps for HCPs. When these elements are combined concurrently, humans, machines, and resources communicate as a cyber-physical system in which a tool is handled or observed by computer-based algorithms., leading to advancements in all stages of the processes. Moreover, companies need a structured road map for execution that manages risk factors such as cybersecurity.


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